The System


The attributes of Elroy’s systems are unlike those of conventional handicapping services.  Elroy’s
systems are purely objective and do not just pick games for the action.


Elroy’s systems are not subject to cold streaks like a normal handicapper’s methods would allow.  
Since there’s solid math, and not opinion built into the systems, you can count on consistent
success over time.


Since Elroy waits for a game to fully qualify before it is picked, there will be only a small
percentage of all games that the system will select.  The systems that are run will never force a
pick where one isn’t present, and will pass up games that are deemed unpredictable.


There isn’t just one simple formula that we run.  Based off of one major theory, several systems
were devised and each smaller system is unique to each sport’s tendencies.  An immense amount 
of information is plugged into our systems for the most comprehensive picks possible.