About Us


Over 10 years ago, Elroy’s founder theorized that sporting event results were predictable and not just a matter
of random behavior.  Elroy’s founder went on a journey to prove this by using statistical systems, unveiling
thousands of intriguing concepts along the way.  Years of exploring the ins and outs of statistical organization
led to an increasingly better understanding of how teams react in any number of situations.  The result was a
discovery of a set of statistics that proved to be remarkably more consistent in finding winners than any system
previously made.  It is this set of stats that were formed into Elroy’s systems that are currently run.


Best prices

Elroy believes that no one should go broke buying winning picks.  Prices on both of our packages are among
the lowest in the industry, and are especially impressive given the accuracy of our picks.

Highest Quality Picks

Elroy has engineered and tested thousands of systems over the course of their experience to bring you the best
possible picks.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our #1 priority to fulfill all of our customer’s needs from the point at which they first log on to receiving
their picks in their email inbox.  Elroy has taken this concept to a whole new level by offering the Monthly
Profit Guarantee, a revolutionary idea in the sports handicapping industry.  We also highly value customer
service, responding to any questions or concerns within 24 hours.


We pride ourselves on providing a clear and accurate portrayal of our systems’ performance, both wins AND
losses.  Elroy’s records are verified with independent monitoring services to show we have nothing to hide.  
Also, record updates and summaries are posted on our homepage and records page for quick viewing.


High prices

Elroy’s prices are among the most reasonable in the industry whereas other handicapping services can charge
$30 for one single pick or $400 for a monthly subscription.


Multiple handicappers are used in some services in order to pad their stats, hiding their overall effectiveness as
a service.  If you have 10 handicappers, the chances that one gets hot are fairly high.  When that handicapper
turns cold, another one is simply advertised.  Other services may not post records at all or just show
successes whereas others may "verify" their picks, but not through independent third parties.  This is all in an effort
to cover up the fact the service is not profitable long term.


The handicapping industry is flooded with hype and promises to fill the void that their record cannot otherwise
fill.  You’ll often see ads for “ten star picks”, “100-star locks”, “double gold-platinum picks”, and other
ridiculous labels on games that imply there is no possibility they will lose the pick.  Once the service starts
losing games under one of these labels, they will simply start to tout games under a different label.